Lime revival

A tried, tested and versatile building material

Lime mortars have been used in building for millennia, and provide an extraordinarily complete system from bedding in and pointing stone to the finest decorative detail.

Largely lost in the British Isles with the advent of Portland cement in the mid 19th century, lime has enjoyed a robust revival over the last 40 or 50 years and is recognised today as an essential component in the proper restoration of period buildings, keeping them sound and dry for the next generation.

A decorative power house

What is sometimes forgotten is that the workability and slow drying time of air lime, or lime putty, have lead generations of craftsmen in Europe and all over the world to extend its use as a sympathetic building material into a staggeringly versatile decorative and artistic medium.

By extending the structural virtues of lime into the aesthetic of a building,  form and colour become part of its fabric bringing pleasure, harmony and coherence with them.