Our approach

Sally’s interpretation of an Art Nouveau sgraffito figure,  Rue Faider 83, Brussels.

Looking up at the facades of the Belle Epoque in Brussels some 30 years ago I became fascinated by their exuberant colour and design.

Curiosity took me first to the Poitou in France and then to L’Ecole d’Avignon where I  began to discover an ancient tradition of building and decoration, with lime squarely at its heart.

Since then I have worked between France and England combining two different approaches and philosophies, and now collaborate with a small group of independent and like minded craftsmen and suppliers to make the broadest possible use of this charming and versatile material.


Our Approach

We contribute to the repair, restoration, conservation and decoration of period and contemporary buildings using traditional lime mortars and methods of application.

Mortars are made in our own workshops to suit the requirements of each project whether it is pragmatic, decorative or both, and we work in close collaboration with architect, builder, designer and homeowner to use lime as effectively and imaginatively as we can.

Our services include :

We welcome all enquiries and offer an initial discussion and assessment of each project free of charge.

For an outline of our prices, please write to us at info@sallyellwood.com with a brief description of the work you have in mind.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you well with your project.