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Dear Sally

I wanted to write on behalf of the PCC to thank you for all your painstaking and conscientious work.   

The planning, the preparation, the plaster repairs, the limewashing itself, the clearing up and indeed your detailed description of the work as carried out, have all been in my view exemplary.  It has been a great pleasure to work with you.

Jonathan Mackechnie-Jarvis. Churchwarden. The Church of St Margaret of Scotland, Whaddon, Gloucestershire.

Dear Sally,

Thank you for the wonderful work you have done in the Church. We all very much appreciate the high standard and great diligence you have shown.

Tom Whittaker.  Churchwarden, The Church of St Lawrence, Longney.  Gloucestershire.

“Make me a wall that makes me feel like I’m standing inside a huge wave” I said to Sally. And she did. How many people would just get what I meant? She beavered away experimenting till she found just the right shades of green and blue to combine for that magical marine glow. She even sketched in a few passing fish that emerge to the observant viewer but don’t shout. They are most definitely ‘of the water’ rather than stuck on top. Despite being a talented artist, Sally takes on any work with lime. She seems to love the stuff and her enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve caught the bug and am wondering what lime based project to start next. With her help of course!

Hege Usborne.  Pinfarthings. Gloucestershire.

Sally worked on our house, a grade 2 listed 16th and 17th century farmhouse in Gloucestershire.  She and Paul Souchcott  lime plastered the whole of the inside of the house – no mean feat as there are 12 rooms on the ground and first floor, together with hallway, landing and staircase. She had a very instinctive feel for the age and nature of the house, and was highly knowledgeable.  We worked together on colour, and to produce designs for 5 pieces of pargetting to reflect both the original plaster work and the family coats of arms associated with the house.

Finally Sally worked to produce stunning polished stucco in 2 bathrooms, with great attention to matching the final colour to our vision and colour schemes.  She worked with great positivity, good humour and was always responsive to our ideas. Her knowledge of her materials and techniques is first rate. I highly recommend her.

Jo Cullen. The Mill House. Tytherington. Gloucestershire.


Sally is very concerned with attention to detail and overall quality and her technical expertise has been most valuable to us. 

She is easy to get on with, a good team player and retains her sense of humour on all occasions.

Mark Hancock.  Centreline Stone.  Lime work, Summerville College Oxford.

I spent two extremely enjoyable days learning the basics of lime in restoring period properties led by Sally. Her vast knowledge of the product and easy going nature along with her enthusiasm to teach complete novices has encouraged me to tackle the repointing of my stone cottage myself.  Thank you Sally.  Joy. 

Joy Angela. Lime course in collaboration with Cotswold Rural skills.

Hello Sally,

Want to say a big thank you from me for a brilliant course.

It was a pleasure to meet you and more thanks for the amount of instruction you crammed into the weekend.

Steve Marsh. Lime course in collaboration with Cotswold Rural Skills.




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