I have had the pleasure of working with lime mortars in the conservation, restoration and design of period and contemporary buildings for the best part of 30 years.

Lime is a magical, beautiful, practical material and I think of myself as part lime craftsman and part lime plaster artist.

The two are inseparable.

Air and water are the native elements of lime, and the mysterious reabsorption of carbon dioxide from the air as these mortars make their set gives them a crystalline and  uniquely reflective quality.

They can be used to dress a plain wall plainly or fill a surface with shifting light, translucent colour and rich shadow.

The decorative traditions of true fresco, sgraffito, pargetting, coloured stucco, faux marble and the simple beauty of a lime wash have graced and protected our buildings for thousands of years all over the world, and for the contemporary artist and craftsman they continue to offer a captivating world of light, colour, form and texture ….


….. “Make me a wall that makes me feel like I’m standing inside a huge wave” I said to Sally. And she did. How many people would just get what I meant? She beavered away experimenting till she found just the right shades of green and blue to combine for that magical marine glow.

Despite being a talented artist, Sally takes on any work with lime. She seems to love the stuff and her enthusiasm is infectious”.

Hege Usborne. Pinfarthings, Amberley. Glos

Tadelakt shower room


“Sally worked with great positivity, good humour and was always responsive to our ideas. Her knowledge of her materials and techniques is first rate. I highly recommend her.”

Jo Cullen. The Mill House. Tytherington. Glos

Interior lime plaster, pargetted figures, tadelakt bath rooms